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          Rely on Dedicated Experts 24/7

          Depend on the experts in our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) to help you keep your network running.

          We have the team, tools, and technologies needed to secure and monitor tower, rooftop, and building and venue sites 24/7. This includes monitoring generators at our sites to ensure proper fuel levels at all times.

          Our team members are always available to coordinate site access for initial installations, maintenance, or emergency requirements.

          Tower, Rooftop, and Backup Power Sites

          American Tower Network Operations Center

          Contact our NOC at 877-518-6937, day or night, to gain access to tower, rooftop, and backup power sites:

          • Investigate and correct system outages
          • Schedule equipment installations
          • Conduct site maintenance, including:
            • Repairing or replacing faulty equipment
            • Resolving lighting issues
            • Reading meters

          Buildings and Venues

          Contact us at 888-773-4122 or mn_support@www.xiajie19.icu for support at building or venue sites:

          • Report a service problem, such as inadequate connectivity or connectivity loss
          • Check the status of a previously reported issue
          • Request maintenance

          Smart Fusion Poles

          Contact our NOC at 877-518-6937, day or night, to report an emergency at a Smart Fusion Pole site:

          • Damage, due to a vehicle collision or vandalism
          • High temperature, due to a possible fan failure
          • Unnatural noise, due to an equipment malfunction

          Share Your Feedback

          At American Tower, we are committed to collecting, reviewing, and acting on the customer feedback we receive—all with the goal of continually improving how we serve you. When working with us, you will be invited to provide your input along the way. Or, you can visit us here to share your thoughts at any time.