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          We Are Committed to Serving You

          From the time you engage with us, we are dedicated to meeting your needs and making it as easy as possible to get the?job?done.


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          Continuous Improvement Is a Priority

          Improvement is a Priority

          We understand you have a choice of who to work with, and we strive to deliver a consistent and positive experience every time you choose us.

          We carefully review all customer feedback, often using your input to make improvements to our systems, tools, and processes. Then, we take the time to share our improvements with you, so you know your feedback is being put to good use.

          We hope this cycle of continuous improvement demonstrates our commitment to customer service. From what we’re hearing, you’re feeling our commitment when you interact with us.

          Survey Results Confirm Our Approach

          Customer surveys confirm our commitment to customer service makes a difference:


          of customers surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience

          Additionally, more customers associated us with overall customer service, responsiveness, and ease of doing business over the competition.

          The collocation process with American Tower is smooth, seamless, and efficient. As a customer with multiple projects open, I cannot express how much I appreciate the communication and timeliness of activities.

          — National mobile network operator customer

          American Tower takes a hands-on, team approach to our business needs. At any given time, two to three American Tower team members are ready to jump in and offer assistance and help us plot a solution to tricky builds.

          — Broadcast customer

          We work with many vertical asset companies, both large and small. By far American Tower has set the standard in customer service, communication, and consistency. As a result of the great experience we are having and your team’s efficiency, we are going to make American Tower our primary vendor for vertical assets.

          — Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) customer

          Share Your Feedback

          At American Tower, we are committed to collecting, reviewing, and acting on the customer feedback we receive—all with the goal of continually improving how we serve you. When working with us, you will be invited to provide your input along the way. Or, you can visit us here to share your thoughts at any time.